Introducing Now Assistant

The world's first AI-powered Assistant for the workplace.

Always the right answer at the right time! Get timely updates about work and take action on the go by chatting or speaking to your Assistant.

Proactive information

Now Assistant shows you the right information in real-time in a centralized stream.

Shows just the right information in a stream

Now Cards to show key information at a glance

Aggregate: Collects updates in your data for when you are free

Rule-based notifications to alert you to outliers in your data

Informs you wherever you are: Slack, HTML5 Web App, your Intranet, etc.

Reactive actions

All you have to do is ask and let the Assistant do the rest.

Natural Language Processing for intuitive company-wide Search

Intent Recognition over Phrase Matching and Artificial Intelligence

Ask the Assistant by Chat or Voice Recognition

Actionable Cards: Approve or reject workflows straight from the Card

Start workflows and execute custom commands

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Works where you work

Works where you work.

The Assistant is embedded into any system you are already using, like SharePoint or even instant messaging apps like Slack or Skype.

But it also comes as a standalone mobile-first HTML5 web app for smartphones.

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100% Enterprise-ready

Based on the enterprise mobility solution Mobility Portal, the Assistant is ready for primetime. It is completely ready out-of-the-box, and offers dozens of ways to add custom sources and commands without requiring any code. It’s DMZ and HTML5 web app make a secure package as no data is ever left on the user’s device.

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Enterprise Ready HTML5 Web App
Ready To Use Integrations Connectors

Plug-and-Play integrate any data source.

With plug-and-play Connectors to over 50+ services your data sources are limitless. Connect to Cloud APIs, On-premise software, SOA, databases and identity servers – all without a single line of code.

Works with:

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Get started now!

Hello, workplace of the future.

Try Now Assistant for free with your own data, no credit card required. And if you like how revolutionary an experience you get: Prices start at $1 per device.

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