Works where you work.

Conversational bots for chat apps

The Assistant is ready to talk to you inside the apps you already use for all your work-related conversations–like Slack, Skype or Hipchat. Just open a conversation and type in your question or command, just like you would to a real-life Assistant. Only with a much, much faster reply.

Bots for Skype, Messenger, Slack, Rocketchat, Hipchat
Rule-based notifications like IFTTT

Notification bots

When certain pre-configured conditions are met, Now Assistant can send you Cards. For example it could survey your sales volume and alert you, when values leave their safe limits or suddenly change direction. Or you could set up notifications for services that don’t offer notifications, like new database entries.

Create your own bots

Each bot has one particular skill, like ordering pizza or requesting time off. With Now Assistant you can teach bots a new skill, like looking up past customer invoices. Just define the required fields and the bot will capture the information from a chat with the user and send back the results.

Create your own bot
Data Transaction Bots

Bots to transact data between 50+ services

Over 50+ bots exist to manage data transactions with original data sources, like your on-premise applications, cloud APIs and databases. They are really easy to configure as well – just the API address and 2-3 options and that’s it. Bots allow you to avoid data migration as you can simply tap into original data sources without making any changes to them.

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Security through DMZ

Bots make sure that an information request is authenticated and authorized and provide a specific piece of information to a DMZ where the client can download it from. Therefore bots ensure safe access to original data sources.

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Demilitarized Zone DMZ for Secure Data Transactions

Omni-present in all your other applications

Embeddable into Intranets

The Assistant works where you work, as it can be integrated into many Intranets as a sidebar the slides open at the click of an extra button. You can start new commands, see your recent Cards, etc.

Set it up in IntelliEnterprise
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HTML5 Cross Device Web App for Smartphones and Desktops

Cross-device web app

With it’s HTML5 web app you can access the Assistant on the go from your mobile device’s browser. The responsive design allows for seamless cross-device usage, from smartphones over tablets, all the way to your desktop. Optional wrapping into native iOS and Android apps.

Chrome extension

A great way to keep on top of your Cards is the Chrome extension that shows the Assistant as a drop-down over any webpage you have currently open. The icon neatly indicates how many new Cards you have and their priority, so you instantly know if something needs your attention.

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Artificial Intelligence Assistant Chrome Extension