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Leave requests


Corporate news


Remaining annual leave


Helpdesk tickets


Shared documents


Show me overdue support tickets.

Show me all colleagues that have birthdays this week.

Open Google Docs that were shared with me.

What are the latest visitor numbers?

Search for employee Daniel McKenzie.

Is Andrew Allister in?

Give me Karen Walker's phone number.

What are todays meetings?

Show me the customer file for customer 14787.

Who's attending the 3 o'clock meeting?

Talk to Now Assistant as you would to a colleague to help you get things done — like finding phone numbers, see recently shared documents or overdue helpdesk tickets. You can ask the Assistant to show you a specific invoice, who’s attending a meeting or what’s for lunch. It is hands-free and connected to your email, calendar and all company resources that you need during the day.

Filter by categories:

Show me Miranda’s phone number.

Book a business trip.

Are there support tickets?

Show me outstanding workflow tasks.

What are my tasks today?

Request leave.

How many days of leave do I have left?

Request a business card.

Report a printer that’s out of ink.

What are employee Katherine McNeil’s details?

Who’s got birthdays this week?

Show me all employees that have a work anniversary this month.

Who is my supervisor?

Who is the manager of the HR Department?

Who is the manager of employee Helen Blant?

Is Andrew Knottingley in?

Show me who are the Board members?

Who is responsible for Employee Orientation?

Who is an expert for Oracle database management?

Show me colleagues that speak French.

Who works on the ISO Team?

Who is a member of the Yammer Kaizen group?

I need an expert for Legal advice.

Open my Corporate News app.

Do I have any new leads?

Show me overdue helpdesk tickets.

Show me the latest Yammer updates.

Show me Salesforce leads.

Bring up my shift plan for next month.

Show me the SKU of product 4-slice toaster.

Show all outstanding invoices for customer Cookiefactory?

What are last hour’s page impressions?

How many calls did we receive in the past 8 days?

What new customers did we gain last week?

What is the revenue for the West Coast branch this week so far?

How much budget of this quarter’s Marketing budget is left?

Show me today’s meetings.

Who is attending my meeting at 3pm?

Clear my schedule for the rest of today.

Do I have any meetings tomorrow?

Set up a meeting with everybody from the Slack #designteam group.

Book a meeting room for tomorrow.

What meeting rooms are currently free?

The only enterprise-wide Search you'll ever need

Explore what is going on behind the scenes when the federated Search sifts through hundreds of documents, database records and all other data at Google-like speed and accuracy.

1Type in your search term

Search has been designed to take both regular search queries like 'policy travel' or natural language like 'What is the latest order number of customer Cookiefactory?' or any other command you can imagine.

travel policy

2Server analyzes and searches parallel

The second the search command has been sent to the Server (either by typing or speaking) it will begin anlysing the intent of your message by checking for pre-defined commands. Then it will start dozens of searches simultaenously in each connected source to give you best results in the shortest time possible.


3Checking for permissions

Much like presenting your boarding pass before boarding a plane, the Search will check for every individual result whether the user has the permission to view this item. If they don't, the results will never appear and will never be exposed to the internet – all part of the sophisticated 'demilitarized zone' created by Mobility Portal.

4Send results out – all within a second.

Combing through terrabytes of data within seconds is quite an accomplishment for an enterprise-wide search. But that doesn't mean the user will notice anything of this process. All they want is results as quickly as possible, and that's what they get. If only everything that's complex, appeared so easy.