Be notified about important stuff, just when you need it.

Just the right information at the right time.

Now Assistant continuously screens all your data –like emails, Cloud apps or even databases– for updates. If anything new is detected, it either collects updates for when you are free or sends them to you straight away.

Now Assistant Workflow Card Now Assistant News Card
Glanceable Cards Stream

Glanceable Cards stream

Instead of having to manually check your different systems, the Assistant aggregates everything into a single, central stream. Information from any source is converted into comprehensible ‘sticky note’ sized Cards, we call them Now Cards.

Now Cards are a beautiful way to show condensed information at a glance, along with rich media, like profile pictures, teaser photos or charts.

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Always up-to-date

By the time users read emails, sometimes their information is already outdated. But Now Cards are always up-to-date and show the current status. That helps collaborative teams where everyone sees the same Card, say “unassigned cases”, to avoid accidentally opening an item that was just taken up by a colleague.

Now Cards Always Up To Date
Personalized, up-to-date Cards for custom Stream

Personally tailored information

Companies can make available different Cards for different functional roles within the organization. And users can manage their subscription to these conveniently from the Cards Store. Some Cards are enabled by default, some can be enabled and others are always on.

Like a genie in your pocket—your wish is its command.

Say it. Get it.

You can speak to the Assistant like you would to a colleague. Find a phone number, search for an invoice or look up information from other apps – the Assistant simultaneously searches for results in file shares, on-premise software, databases and any connected API.

If – with enough confidence – it can suggest one result, it will show you straight to the relevant Card or even open the app.

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Assistant for workflows and actions

Say it. Do it.

The Assistant can also help you get things done. Set up a meeting, start a workflow or manage your tasks. There are many services the Assistant directly manages for you by activating Bots.

Bots have one task, e.g. “requesting Leave”, and will capture all the necessary information through a brief chat with you. Other bots could be for “setting up a meeting” or “ordering pizza”.

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Actionable Cards

Some Cards let you take actions right on them, for example workflows show available decisions as buttons underneath the Card, so you can accept or decline requests right away. Or Chat notifications Cards let you snooze or reply to them.

Actionable Cards for Workflows
Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Intent Recognition

Natural Language paired with Artificial Intelligence

Users don’t want to remember a bunch of awkwards commands, so we made them natural: By using Artificial Intelligence engines the Assistant figures out your intent and fulfills requests on your behalf. That makes for a smooth and more intuitive experience, feeling closer to interacting with a human than anything before it.

Hands-free through Voice Recognition

Known from cars and smartphones for years, VR helps users navigate interfaces through their voice, so your eyes can stay focused elsewhere. Now Assistant allows fast and reliable Voice Recognition inputs through Google and Amazon APIs.