Turn your IntelliEnterprise Intranet into a digital workplace.

Now Workplace can be embedded into any IntelliEnterprise Category with full support for workflows, search and Single Sign-On.

Join thousands of users that have turned their Intranet into a digital workplace superhub, where data from all systems is brought together cohesively to unlock their digital workforce potential.

About Now Assistant

Now Assistant is your personal, digital workplace that automatically connects with existing business software and APIs. Magically receive the right information at just the right time, search your entire business and literally talk to data through a virtual assistant.

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About IntelliEnterprise

IntelliEnterprise is adenin's own Intranet Suite with over 130 fully-fledged features, making it the most feature-rich Intranet in the market. IntelliEnterprise is strong in document management, but also process automation, search and mobile.

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3 ways Now Workplace digitizes IntelliEnterprise.

  1. Add cloud APIs to your Intranet without coding.

    Now Workplace seamlessly connects to over 80 services, ranging from on-premise business software, over databases to all cloud services, like Dropbox, Salesforce or Github. This allows you to quickly enhance your IntelliEnterprise with their data – without a single line of code. See all connectors
  2. Wow your users with the UI of the future.

    With an innovative Card-based UI even the most complex data can be shrunk to the size of a sticky note. This allows users to see everything that matters to them at a single glance, while offering a convenient entry point to get more detailed data or take action. Read more about Cards
  3. No need to worry about security.

    All data, even from less secure legacy systems, will be delivered to the user through a demiliartized zone which is set up on your server. Thus only those data packages the user has been authenticated and authorized for will be sent to the session. And since nothing is stored on the device itself, data breaches are impossible. Learn about data security

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Now Assistant
Now Assistant
Now Assistant

What is Now Assistant?

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The right information at just the right time.

Now Assistant is your new central place for everything that matters in your workday. As it taps into all kinds of on-premise software, databases and cloud APIs Now Assistant knows exactly what is happening around you and informs you in due time – so that you can spend more time doing what you really like in your job.

The future of the digital workplace.

True innovation often feels completely natural so we ask ourselves 'How have we ever lived without this?'

That's what we had in mind when we created a card-based UI that presents all information to you in easily comprehensible bites that offer you a one glance overview over your work.

Further we have created a virtual assistant that you can talk to like it was a colleague to search your data and take action. It uses Natural Language Processing, voice recognition and feedback — all pretty amazing stuff.