1 mission — mobilizing all business data without coding.

Mobility Portal connects all your existing cloud and on premise data sources into a central back-end to rapidly create responsive HTML 5 apps with our radically simple code-by-design front-end framework.

Liberate data.

Tap into the full potential of your on-premise and cloud data by connecting dozens of data sources easily to a central data hub.

Mobility Portal comes with dozens of ready-to-use Connectors for the most popular on-premise business apps, databases and cloud service providers. All APIs will be liberated from their silos and amalgamated to one central API — all without a single line of code.

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Unite data-chaos.

What used to be data silos is now all part of a common platform where different sources can talk to one another, while Mobility Portal translates your requests on the fly into the original format.

The problem with APIs is that their management can easily cause a lot of clutter and create problems when one API structure needs to be updated across dozens of apps it has been integrated into. In Mobility Portal all APIs are amalgamagted into a single Unity API that comes with automatic, easy to follow integration.

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Mobile where you are.

Leverage your mobile workforce by easily crafting HTML5 apps with our 'no code' Designer. It's the easiest approach to bring all your data to your customers or employees in a cohesive way.

The number of device form factors, OS's, frameworks and use cases keeps expanding and confront many businesses with serious problems as to how many devices they can afford to be compatible with before maintenance eats all potential ROI. Mobility Portal uses open HTML5 apps with responsive design that work beautifully and securely on every device that has a web browser.

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IT matters.

There’s never been a better time to leap forward your business into the mobile age. Mobility Portal is your one app strategy from end-to-end that spans your entire business.

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Our first priority is to enable you to create astonishing products for your business and everything else follows. Choosing the Mobility Portal means that −with your eyes wide open− you are leaving the proprietary ecosystem of any one heavyweight software provider behind you, recognizing that Mobility Portal never adds complexity but tries everything to take it away.

Unrestrained innovation.

All your data is left unchanged, hence by using Mobility Portal you're not creating a new silo but only tear down existing ones: It simultaneously reads out all your existing data in a secure way and lets you connect it in new ways to create innovative, ground-breaking and explorative applications.

With this choice comes a promise to your IT and employees: You promise to provide them with the best tools on the market to create cross-platform apps that are more useful than ever before, that truly empower users, and fully fit your organizational structure – not the other way round.

Best of all: It's already included in your license.

Mobility Portal is a powerful tool that allows companies to fully overhaul their entire IT landscape – desktop or mobile – and we believe that Now Assistant is a great first step to creating a digital workplace. But we don't stop you there: As Now Assistant includes a full license to Mobility Portal you can virtually create any app you can think of.

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